School Sports Day

18/10/2016 Main
School Sports Day 

Hi guys!  Sticking with the fitness theme I thought I’d bring to you a bit of nostalgia today from days of old, seemingly very old in fact.  My wife and I were talking last night about when we were kids and our respective childhoods along with their associated triumphs and pitfalls, the good, the bad and all the similarities and differences in between.  We talked about home life, primary and secondary school and what we did for fun and frolics throughout the early years.  It very quickly became eye-opening for the both of us.  My wife is Cambodian, so the specific differences were vast, though interestingly were embroidered with very general similarities.   Read more

Swimming Goggles

07/10/2016 Main
Swimming Goggles

I’ve finally cracked it, I’ve finally managed to jump on the health train and now I’m in full swing. I’ve managed to lose a few pounds over recent months, mainly by changing my diet but I’ve also been doing some walks and a bit of cycling. Net, it is time to get back into my swimming. It’s been a long time coming but I’m looking forward to getting back in the water. As it’s been so long, I need to get myself some swimming trunks to wear and also a decent pair of swimming Googles. Read more

My latest hobby: creating a playhouse for the whole family

21/03/2016 Main

Hi everyone, Miles here. Welcome back to my blog! I hope you have enjoyed everything I have written so far. It has really been great for me to have a place where I can share all of my hobbies and interests with likeminded people. I really appreciate all of your comments and feedback so far and I look forward to continuing the blog further. So for today’s blog entry I thought that I would talk to you about my most recent hobby. Read more

Back to the Playing Field

10/03/2016 Main

Back to the Playing Field Read more


Xbox one or Playstation 4 ?

12/02/2016 Main

Hello, it's Miles again ! I don't know if I already told you but I spend a lot of time playing consoles. 2 consoles leaders are Playstation 4 and Xbox one, but for many people, it is difficult to know which is the best, which one to choose ? Read more


My opinion about "The Revenant"

08/02/2016 Main

One of my great passion is the cinema. I love going to see new movies in the evening on large screens with good quality. Lately I've been see latest Dicaprio film: The Revenant. This movie was highly anticipated and the opinions are quite different, that's why I will give you my opinion, should you really go see it? Read more


Break a Leg

01/02/2016 Main

Miles again! But sadly not with any exciting news about newly discovered hobbies this time.  This ageing body of mine is not quite as sprightly and agile as it used to be and I have done myself a mischief of late.  Ok, so I haven’t exactly broken my leg but I have sprained my ankle badly.  I was playing footie with my kid and in one, overgrown child/egotistical/boastful tackle, something just gave way and down I went!  When I explained what happened to the nurse at A&E she gave me a stern look that seemed to scream “having a midlife crisis are you?” Which I thought was a little unfair as it’s not like I hurt myself skateboarding, or stage diving into the mosh pit at a rock concert! Read more

Golf’s my new hobby

03/12/2015 Main

Golf’s my new hobby Read more

It’s good to have a hobby

01/12/2015 Main

It’s good to have a hobby Read more

Rubik's Cube

20/11/2015 Main

Hi folks. I’m back with another blog post. Again it’s going to be about a retro toy that is still mega popular today. Everyone I know must have had a go, and probably failed! It is of course the Rubik’s Cube. I was quite surprised to find out it was only released in the mid 70s, I thought it was much older than that. Anyway, it is still very popular nearly 40 years after release and is on of the most popular toys/puzzles in the world. Read more


20/11/2015 Main

Segway’s continue to separate opinion, with them being seen as a “marmite” brand; you either love them or hate them. They have definitely become more popular, but will they ever reach truly global status? Already they are used in a lot of airports in the world, particularly in Asia and seem to do a good job of transporting people around very busy places, at speed if necessary. They are also used in theme parks in America, with some towns in the USA offering “Segway Tours”. Will we ever see them dominating towns and cities though? Only time will tell I suppose. They are marketed (and rightly so) as a green and zero-emission form of transport, which is obviously very good for the environment. They are also quoted as being able to reach a speed of over 12mph. Read more


10/11/2015 Main

Miles here guys. It’s a sunny but cold day so I’m indoors with my son and a lot of Lego! He’s nodded off so I’m now sat at my laptop. As my son and I both love the plastic bricky stuff, this first post is going to be about Lego. Read more

Bottle mad.

28/10/2015 Main

Hi fellow bloggers and bloggees. Welcome back! I have really enjoyed having a place I can share all of my interests and I hope you have too! I really appreciate all of your comments and feedback, it’s great to hear from likeminded people. It definitely gives my wife a break anyway! Read more


Big Kid Alert!

15/10/2015 Main

Big kid alert! My name in Miles and this is a big intro to my new very new blog about anything to do with hobbies and games. I like to keep myself entertained so I have got a lot to talk about! I’ll be back soon with my first post, so keep your eyes peeled!